TFC13 - Listener Questions: Revisiting Insurable Interest

Mainstream Revolt

11-04-2022 • 10分

√ “Of the four phases of TransFOURmation™, the ‘Profession’ phase is the least explored. You ask the question, ‘Is your profession aligned with your purpose?’ but you don’t really talk about how. Will you get more into that, please?”

√ “I just heard an episode of your podcast where you offered a free tax consultation with your accountant in Nevada. Does that offer still stand?”

√ “My health isn’t the greatest, and you mentioned that policies can be purchased on someone else’s life as long as there is insurable interest. Can I take out a policy on my roommate?”

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Prescription For Wealth, by Dr. Tom McFie

Becoming Your Own Banker, by Nelson Nash

CashFLOW Revolution, by MJ Wilson

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