CFR9 - Working With Assumptions, Last Days, and Punchlines

Mainstream Revolt

26-08-2022 • 20分

Which assumptions must we work with and which ones could cause some undue misery? Is there any infallible wealth-building vehicle? That saying, “Plan like you will live forever, live like you will die today.” How accurate is it? Russell Wilson is the Quarterback for the Seattle Seahawks. He may or may not be my cousin. Watch Michael Jr.’s TEDx talk here —>  Get the book —> Music credits: Revolution by Kirk Franklin Revolution by The Score The CashFLOW Revolution Podcast Theme (it doesn't have a real name) by MJ Wilson Copyright © 2021 MJ Wilson, NYK Consulting LLC. All Rights Reserved. No portion of this podcast may be reproduced without written permission from MJ Wilson or NYK Consulting LLC --- Send in a voice message: