TFC09 - What To Expect When Getting Started with CashFLOW Revolution

Mainstream Revolt

01-02-2022 • 18分

Sometimes, the seemingly little things, or the things we don’t consider to be important, are the things that hold us back. MJ covers some of those “little things” in this episode, including:

√ Why you need to complete the survey for CashFLOW Revolution before the full life insurance application

√ Why you need to understand “insurable interest” even if you are young and have good health

√ There may come a time when you will need to own a Participating Whole Life Insurance contract on someone else’s life. Even so, that does not affect your ability to run CashFLOW Revolution.

√ One huge benefit of running your CashFLOW Revolution financial system with a Participating Whole Life Insurance contract purchased through TransFOURmation™ Coaching

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