CFR18 - Making The Transition From The Debt Freedom “Destination” Mentality To The Wealth Freedom “Journey” Mindset

Mainstream Revolt

18-11-2021 • 16分

We are all inundated by mainstream media with the destination mentality: “Here’s your retirement number.” “Lose 25 pounds with this new program.” “Get debt free.” These statements come from the destination mentality. But life is not about destinations. It’s about the journey. MJ offers his perspective on this concept, applying it to building wealth and giving real life examples. Recommended reading: Becoming Your Own Banker, by Nelson Nash —> Prescription For Wealth, by Dr. Tom McFie —> CashFLOW Revolution (paperback), by MJ Wilson —> Music credits: Revolution by Kirk Franklin Revolution by The Score The CashFLOW Revolution Podcast Theme (it doesn't have a real name) by MJ Wilson Copyright © 2021 MJ Wilson, NYK Consulting LLC. All Rights Reserved. No portion of this podcast may be reproduced without written permission from MJ Wilson or NYK Consulting LLC

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