TFC02 - Mindsetting (Not Goalsetting)

Mainstream Revolt

11-12-2021 • 13分

√ All things really do work together for good. Find out why that means, “You, too.”

√ Hindsight is wonderful. Seeing it now is way better.

√ Doing what we do for others is what it’s all about.

√ Mindset coaching may not be what you think it is

√ Personal change doesn’t just happen.

√ Businesses fail many times not because of the business itself

√ What we all MUST do before we take our game to the next level

√ The secret to having peace and fulfillment

√ The big things we want are hidden until we learn this one thing

Recommended reading:

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Becoming Your Own Banker, by Nelson Nash —>

CashFLOW Revolution, by MJ Wilson —>

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Revolution by The Score

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