TFC18 - More On Mainstream Mentality: Myths, Misconceptions, and Misunderstandings

Mainstream Revolt

06-08-2022 • 25分

√ CLARIFICATION: when I said “…the whole point of it…” in regard to the person who showed up to the wedding supper without his garments, I meant the whole point of “it” in relation to this particular episode. No way do I think the whole point of the story is contained in the words I speak here.

√ Can you read between the lines in this title? Like I always say, CashFLOW Revolution requires an above average set of mental goods.

√ Are you taking on the thoughts and beliefs of the crowd you're following without doing your own independent study and research?

√ Don’t underestimate the power of maintaining control of your money!

√ Is there a difference between managing money and budgeting?

√ Is Dave Ramsey right about whole life insurance?

√ Are dividends paid out by mutual insurance companies simply a trick to get people to overpay for premiums?

√ Who pays the taxes on the company match?

√ How does the guest with no wedding garment in Matthew 22 relate to retirement plans?

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CashFLOW Revolution, by MJ Wilson

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