Neve and Joanne Herron – a hugely inspirational tale of sharing from a Moray teen

Speaking of Suicide

06-10-2023 • 47分

Episode take-away: how to build resilience in the face of bullying through drawing on your support network, asking for help, growing your confidence and your sense of perspective.

“He was the smiley one that everyone would go to for a laugh”

16 year old Neve lost a good friend to suicide when he was just 13, now, in a bid to inspire other teens to feel more able to share when they’re struggling and hopefully be less afraid of the consequences of asking for help, Neve is opening up about her own battles with depression and anxiety.

Hearing from Neve gives a great insight into some of the barriers which stop teens from speaking out about their problems.  One of the biggest issues for her is fear of judgement, how you’ll be perceived if your peers know you’re asking for help.  She readily admits, however much the adults in her life provide support and an ear, “most of me is shaped by my friends”.

Neve says a lot of her peer group worry that they’ll be bullied if people know they’re having mental health problems.  Neve herself was subjected to photos being taken of her and constant teasing and intimidation but now, having lost her friend to suicide, she’s worked hard to re-gain her confidence and is determined to reach out to others, so they feel less alone.

Joanne, Neve’s mum, also shares her worries as a parent of a teen in the digital world and the capacity for bullies to hide behind the keyboard.

Hugely engaging and insightful, Neve talks with a maturity way beyond her years and provides a real beacon of hope, even offering an olive branch of empathy to the bullies themselves.

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