2 - No One Supports Maceo Green (with special guest Carl Tart)

Workplace Comedy

02-06-2021 • 24分

2 - No One Supports Maceo Green

Valentina complains about the difficulties of hooking up during corona-times. It’s enough to make them fantasize about running off to become (sexy) nuns. But when Maceo Green, an old flame of Val's, shows up at Sterling, her prospects suddenly look much better. Are she and Maceo going too fast? Yes. They really are.

Jen Phelps - Emmy Laybourne
Valentina Rivera - Tracy Vilar
Maceo Green - Carl Tart

Executive Producer - Lauren Dunitz
Director - Emmy Laybourne
Producer - Kit Laybourne
Sound Designer - Morgan Glasper
Editor - Justin Manduca
Written by - Emmy Laybourne and Lauren Dunitz
Writer’s assistant - Dylan Manning
Graphics - Victoria Holod
Publicity - Holley Jacobson

Workplace Comedy Podcast was created by Emmy Laybourne and is a production of Poptop Media.