EP35 - Grow Your Biz with Associate Photog Teams -- with Anissa Dev

The Unscripted Podcast For Photographers

05-07-2023 • 45分

Today I’m joined by Anissa Dev, a micro-wedding and elopement photographer based in Chicago and San Diego. Yep, that’s right. She’s based in the Midwest AND on the West Coast. If you’re wondering how the hell she manages that, stay tuned. This week, we’re talking all about Associate Photography teams and how they can help you cultivate more freedom, expand your business, and offer more value to your clients. If you’re not quite at that stage of your business yet, but might be interested in gaining more experience by being an associate photographer, Anissa shares a ton of helpful tips on that, too. We cover how to pitch to photographers you admire, what they might be looking for, and what you should know before you join up.

Anissa D. Exclusive: https://anissadphotography.podia.com/anissa-d-photography-community/78296/monthly/buy

Associate Guide: https://anissadphotography.podia.com/the-associate-guide