Episode 59 - The Betty and Barney Hill Case Round Table

History Creeps Podcast

29-06-2018 • 0秒

Widely considered one of the first documented instances of "alien abduction", the Betty and Barney Hill Case has fascinated believers in UFOs and extra-terrestrials from the moment the details for their harrowing experiences were made public. After coming in contact with a strange object one night in early 1960s, the Hills realized they'd lost a few hours of their lives. Later, after undergoing therapy and hypnosis, horrifying details of those missing hours would emerge, and what would become one of the most sensational accounts of otherworldly contact would shine a national spotlight on the couple from Rhode Island. Just what did happen to Betty and Barney Hill all those years ago? Listen and find out! Find us on the web and social media: BICBP-RADIO.com Instagram Johnny Townsend    johnnyism28 Chris Chavez            bicbpradio Twitter Johnny Townsend    @johnnyism Chris Chavez            @bicbpradio