A Life of Joy

A Bit of Sass , A Lot of Jesus

30-11-2022 • 44分

In this episode, Sharon chats with Elizabeth Rhyno, A certified, Faith based Life Coach for women, ready to help you create the shift to a joyful & purposeful life. Her heartbeat is to help people improve their physical, emotional, and spiritual wellness. She walks with people as they reclaim their stories, discover their passions, and strategically create margin to live intentionally joyful lives.

  • How Elizabeth was drawn to her distinct purpose
  • How she found herself and her calling in times of distress
  • How she trusted and put her faith in God to be a guiding light.

And so much more!

To connect with Sharon, you can visit her free FB community: Purpose To Prosperity✨ | Groups | Facebook and Instagram: www.instagram.com/sheno26.

To connect with Elizabeth, go to www.elizabethrhyno.com or find her on Facebook as - Elizabeth Joy Rhyno