How Fann Sanders Uses Her Creative Gifts To Connect With The Creator

Ageless Conversations with Tamika McTier

22-01-2021 • 31分

Fann currently resides in Philadelphia and is the Head of Development with the Good News Co. Network, she's the founder of Free Creative Productions, creator and host of The Free Creative Podcast. Free Creative is to help creatives find their way - helping them to understand the impact and power in their creativity.

In this episode, Fann discusses her journey as a creative and finding her way. She grew up in arts and maneuvered through dance, music, acting, stage production and finally filmmaking. Creativity was never an issue for her. For as far as she can remember, she was always creating and always had creative outlets.

In this episode, you find out:

  • When Fann became aware of her creativity
  • What her favorite part about being a creative is
  • Why it's counterproductive to deal with art without dealing with the artist
  • What Free Creative Productions offer for students
  • What her hope is for future creatives

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