An Introvert Exposed: Your Questions About My Private Life | Ask Jasmine + JD Anything

The Jasmine Star Show

02-06-2020 • 20分

What do tacos, 90 Day Fiance, and a gel manicure have in common?

I don’t love them nearly as much as I do my husband and business partner JD! Let me tell ya friend, I married up!

We’ve gotten soooooooo many requests to have JD back on the show and because your wish is my command,*drum roll please* JD is in the house.

We talk alllllllll things going into business together, how to balance work and family life, what we love about each other that the outside world doesn’t get to see, and so much more. You’ll even hear what JD says I’m REALLY like off camera!

While I can get all kinds of awkward talking about myself, JD is cool as a cucumber. Did I mention how amazing he is? Click play to get a personal glimpse into our lives. If you enjoyed it as much as I think you will, let us know in an iTunes review! Reviews let us know what content you want to hear more of and if you tell us you want to hear more JD, it’ll be easier for me to convince him to come back!

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