Roe vs. Wade Overturned! Black Women. Black & BIPOC Birth Workers & Healers

Healthy Black Girl Podcast

30-06-2022 • 13分

What does this mean for Black and BIPOC families, birth workers, practitioners, and healers? Is it time to reimagine and broaden your scope of practice? Is it time to expand and explore where and how you practice? Is it time to redesign your life, move outside the United States, and become part of the Black Exodus? Are you tired of living under an oppressive system never designed for you? You can rewrite your story and become a part of the solution for all birthing people, worldwide.

I'm the CEO & Founder of the National Black Doulas Association®, NBDA Leadership Academy™ and NBDA Worldwide™. The largest Black & BIPOC Birth training and database company in the world.

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