Honest Self-Reflection: A Path to Healing and Humility | Pierre Etienne Vannier

Far Out With Faust (FOWF)

28-09-2021 • 2時間 6分

“I’m OK, you’re OK, let’s take a breath.”

In this podcast episode of Far Out with Faust, we meet Pierre-Etienne Vannier, a mind-body practitioner who specializes in helping patients reconnect with and harness their innate resiliency through hypnotherapy. The utterly mesmerizing French-born therapist, now living in Cairo, connects (truly) with Faust from halfway around the world for a frank and refreshing perspective check.

News flash: American fear culture isn’t the center of the universe.

So what is? A breath, a spark of gratitude...the realization that connection is medicine, says Vannier. The reclaiming of our power to heal ourselves from within, regulating our nervous system by cultivating a feeling of safety through self-reflection and humility.

How the hell do we get there? Inhale. Imagine groundbreaking Harvard clinical studies quantifying beyond a doubt the healing power of hypnotherapy. Embark on a real-life hero’s journey where vulnerability is the only weapon necessary to vanquish antiquated, stifling male stereotypes.

Exhale, as we expose the fallacy of perpetual positivity.

Not feeling relaxed? Good: because that’s not the point, says Vannier — we’ve got it all wrong. Meditation isn’t meant to whitewash — it’s about meeting yourself in the moment, without judgment. A simple acknowledgment of sensation, emotion. Sometimes, it’s going to be painful — always, it’s going to be profound.

The ultimate goal? Oscillating between that pain and pleasure at an ever-higher vibration, the frequency where science is inseparable from spirituality. This is Dr. Joe Dispenza territory (spoiler: Vannier’s a fan).

Hard truth time: self-discovery isn't always pretty. But don’t hold your breath (no, really) — because time doesn’t heal. Vannier tells us what does.

Pierre-Etienne Vannier is in his second decade as a mind-body practitioner, specializing in clinical hypnotherapy. He has worked in a number of organizational and private settings, including stints at the United Nations and various hospitals, helping patients living with cancer and HIV/AIDS.

Vannier is a co-founder of The Healing Studio Online, a community that offers online classes and events to heal our minds, bodies and souls through various healing arts and traditional practices. He is certified in a number of healing modalities, including:
*Trauma Resilience Model Practitioner
*Community Resilience Model Trainer
*Tension & Trauma Release Exercises (TRE) Provider
*Clinical Hypnosis Practitioner (Emergency, Pain Management, Immune Disorders)
*Practitioner of Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP)