Career Tips and How to THRIVE in your chosen field! | Episode 1 | Salamat Biyernes Na!

Salamat Biyernes Na!

24-06-2022 • 1時間 16分

Salamat Biyernes Na! The Pilot Episode Meet your hosts: Kuya P is a Youth Leader, Educator, and a Musician. SamuRai has a 10-year experience in the BPO/IT, and husting on the side as a Financial Planner and Freelancer. In our very first video, we talked about our background in BPO, Financial Services, Teaching and even how to THRIVE while being unemployed! Join us on our pilot episode as we share our struggles, success and overcoming the challenges on our different careers. And if you like this content, there’s more to come! Starting next week, we will have an AMAZING guest with an absolutely interesting career! Stay Awesome and Fantastic!