Life with Sacha

Sacha Patires

Join Sacha Patires in the captivating world of Life with Sacha, where she dives deep into a multitude of topics designed to enrich your life, foster mindfulness, and inspire positive living. Sacha, a dynamic working mother, entrepreneur, and holistic living enthusiast, brings her down-to-earth wisdom to each episode, offering a refreshing blend of real advice and personal insights.

With a no-nonsense approach and a passion for holistic well-being, Life with Sacha covers an extensive array of topics, including holistic living, motherhood, guided meditations, mindfulness practices, health and fitness, event planning, and alternative healing modalities. Whether you're seeking advice on creating a healthier lifestyle, exploring alternative medicine, or planning a memorable event, Sacha has you covered.

Sacha's diverse expertise extends from her roles as a mom, yoga teacher, the owner of I Do Yoga, her work as a wedding planner with her company Whimsical Weddings & Events, and owner of the vegan and organic bath and beauty company Sparkle & Shine Organics. Her commitment to vegan cooking and organic living shines through in discussions about vegan cuisine and herbal remedies. Dive into conversations about self-help, self-love, and organic living, as Sacha shares invaluable insights to empower your journey.

In Life with Sacha, you'll find practical tips for living a healthier life, an exploration of holistic approaches, and a refreshing perspective on positive living. Expect candid discussions on a wide range of topics, including travel, random musings, and more, as Sacha brings her unique blend of workhorse dedication and real-life experience to your ears.

Sacha's Greek heritage adds a unique flavor to the podcast, as she is known for her passionate rants that provide a refreshing and unfiltered perspective on various topics. Her fiery spirit and knack for engaging rants are sure to captivate your attention.

Uncover the path to a more vibrant and fulfilling life with Sacha Patires, a true expert in the field and a passionate advocate for holistic well-being. Get ready for an inspiring podcast that's as real as it gets. Life with Sacha is your companion on the journey to a healthier, happier, and more purposeful life, complete with fiery rants that only a Greek soul could deliver.

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Episode 6: Life with Sacha Podcast - Episode 6: Thanksgiving Day Guided Meditation
Episode 6: Life with Sacha Podcast - Episode 6: Thanksgiving Day Guided Meditation
Episode 6 of the Life with Sacha podcast is a guided meditation for Thanksgiving Day.🌟 Immerse yourself in a blissful Thanksgiving Day guided meditation with Sacha from I Do Yoga, as we journey into the transformative realm of gratitude. 🙏✨In this soul-soothing session, Sacha will gently guide you through a meditation designed to cultivate a deep sense of gratitude, allowing you to connect with the abundant blessings in your life. 🍂🧘‍♀️🌈 As you close your eyes and breathe in the essence of thankfulness, let Sacha's calming voice lead you through a tranquil exploration of gratitude, invoking a sense of peace and harmony within. 🌺🎶"Give thanks for a little and you will find a lot." - Hansa ProverbLet the spirit of Thanksgiving infuse your being with positivity and appreciation. Join Sacha for this uplifting meditation and elevate your gratitude practice to new heights. 🌟🍁Unlock the power of gratitude within you. Slow down on Thanksgiving Day and make time for this guided meditation. Maybe even invite your family and friends along!  🌟🙌 #GratitudeMeditation #ThanksgivingBliss #IDoYoga #InnerPeace #Guidedmeditation #Thanksgivingday #Thanksgivingmeditation #Thanksgiving2023 🧡Find I Do Yoga:Website: www.IDo.yogaInsta: @idoyogasachaFacebook: @IDoYogaSachaYoutube: @idoyogaSubscribe, like and share the Life with Sacha podcast here: Sacha on social media:Instagram:
Episode 2: Episode 2: Mama Meditation: Healthy Mind & Body - 12 minute guided meditation
Episode 2: Episode 2: Mama Meditation: Healthy Mind & Body - 12 minute guided meditation
In episode 2 of Life with Sacha, I am sharing a new meditation, specifically for you mamas out there, from my YouTube channel, I Do Yoga. You can find this meditation and more along with yoga classes--all for free on my YouTube channel at the link below! If you liked this podcast make sure to subscribe and share with others you think would like it too.Here are more details from my I Do Yoga YouTube Channel:Indulge in the ultimate relaxation experience with "Healthy Mind and Body" – a serene meditation brought to you by I Do Yoga with Sacha Patires. As part of our Mama Meditations series, this guided meditation is crafted exclusively for mothers, offering a blissful escape into self-care and self-love. 🌿💆‍♀️Join Sacha Patires as she takes you on a journey of mindfulness and rejuvenation. Our "Healthy Mind and Body" meditation features a soothing body scan that directs love and positive energy to every specific part of your body. It's the perfect practice to restore balance, relieve stress, and promote overall well-being. 💖🧘‍♀️At I Do Yoga, we understand the unique demands of motherhood. We're dedicated to helping you find your inner sanctuary, cultivating a harmonious connection between your mind and body. Sacha Patires' gentle guidance empowers you to prioritize self-care, ensuring you're at your best for both yourself and your loved ones. 🌼🌟Subscribe to I Do Yoga with Sacha Patires now and experience "Healthy Mind and Body" as a vital part of our Mama Meditations series. Embrace tranquility, positivity, and a healthier, happier you within the comfort of your own space. 📲🧘‍♀️Don't miss out on this transformative meditation. Subscribe and hit the notification bell to start your journey towards a balanced and fulfilled life. Welcome to a community where self-care and motherhood unite. 🌸🤱 #MamaMeditations #IDoYoga #HealthyMindandBodyMeditationFind I Do Yoga:🌐 Website:📸 Instagram:📱 Facebook:🎥 YouTube: