The "30-Second Prayer” That Changes Everything

Karol Horken

What if your mind felt energized with new ideas and whatever you planned to do for the day became simplified and straightforward? What if you could truthfully say, "This has been an amazing day?"

Based on Proverbs 16:3 (AMPC), this podcast will explain how you can partner with God to live your life on purpose in order to experience days that bring you peace and joy rather than confusion and frustration.

This Podcast, The 30 Second Prayer That Changes Everything,  you will ---

  • Discover how to streamline your days in order to eliminate stress
  • Gain understanding from God's Word and apply it to your everyday life
  • Realize how every decision you make can be the right one with the help of God.

The biblical truths and tangible experience shared by Karol will encourage you to set your life in an established order so your days will be filled with God's presence, joy, and peace. Then you can live the life you love - - - one moment at a time!

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