Episode #43 – Thursday The Checkup: Becoming the Best version of you

The Recovery Guy Podcast

03-10-2019 • 28分

Today’s Check Up is entitled “Becoming The Best Version Of You”. In this version we discuss the reasons for self and others that we go down this path. Becoming the best version of who we are allows us to enjoy life greater and to a deeper sense. So, it is not only for the temporary it builds on our future satisfaction.

When it comes to becoming the best version of ourselves with respect to others is when we can have the greatest impact. When we become this version of ourselves and we receive the personal satisfaction of knowing what we have accomplished and then to have that self appreciated by those we help along the way is even a greater reward.

I know for some people this can be a challenge and this is why I’ve created six simple steps yet all of us are capable of understanding, implementing and being successful in. If we do not do these or take the steps it is because we either don’t feel a responsibility to her self or to others, or we just gotten lost along the way.

Either way, to not become the best version of ourselves is to deny the reason for our very existence. This podcast is designed to help you along the way. I hope you find the need, the desire and the energy to take this journey with us.

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