Courageous Christianity with Richard Mendelow

Richard Mendelow

If you don’t like what’s going on in this nation and the world and you want to change it, you may be wondering how. Courageous Christianity with Richard Mendelow will answer that question. Host Richard Mendelow is a Christian warrior and combat-tested Marine. Each week, he and his guests look at the spiritual battlefield of this world through the lens of faith. You’ll find the help you need to make a difference.

Join us for Courageous Christianity with Richard Mendelow every Saturday at 12:00 pm CT right here on 100.7 FM KKHT,, or iHeart radio.

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"Christianity and Parenting"
"Christianity and Parenting"
Join us in this special encore episode titled "Christianity and Parenting." Host Richard Mendelow, alongside his trusted wingman Christy Mendelow, discuss the season of children returning to school and the profound importance of providing them with godly parental guidance. Listen in as they explore the role of Christians in shaping a world filled with godly values and principles. Richard and Christy reveal two crucial steps that can pave the way for positive change rooted in Christianity and parenting. It's a conversation you won't want to miss—an enlightening and insightful discussion that has the power to strengthen your faith and family bonds. So, make sure to listen. Together, let's embrace the season of new beginnings with a renewed commitment to godly leadership within our families. Want to read more about "Christianity and Parenting?" Head over to to access Richard's latest article published in "Katy Christian Magazine." You'll find a continued exploration of the subject and will surely gain insight and encouragement about your God-given role as a parent. Please add this podcast to your library, rate it, and review it. And share this and all episodes with those who will benefit. To catch all previous episodes, learn more about, and donate to this ministry, visit God Bless and Semper Fi!See for privacy information.