I Haven't Heard That Name In Years

Hannah Harkness

Hannah Harkness has been harangued for an autobiography her entire life. The problem: her life is unbelievably weird and her memory is terrible. I Haven’t Heard that Name in Years is Hannah’s journey interviewing people from her childhood to her present trying to remember her reality that is violently stranger than fiction, including growing up in a jazz/ spiritual musician family, life as a gifted child who binge watched Jeopardy at age 4, being radicalized by queer theory professors in 2007, filming home movies and wearing a spatula around her neck on a cord in high school, her travels in the early 00’s goth/ BDSM scene, training in multiple martial arts, 10+ years as a Rocky Horror Picture Show cast member and a stand up comedian in Philadelphia, and all of the other endless chaos between her birth in Trenton, NJ and her current state as a comedy writer and podcaster tangential to the indie wrestling scene in NYC. read less