Transforming Your Relationship with Food, with Mayuko Okai

Transformations with Jayne

26-09-2021 • 42分

If you have ever wondered why you can’t stop eating, or you never feel satisfied even though you eat all the time, or you want to be more intuitive in your eating, then this episode might be for you! I have also had a lifelong journey with eating and my guest, Mayuko Okai is someone who can help with all kinds of topics around eating and intuitive eating. One thing most people don’t realise is that carrying around these feelings uses up a lot of bandwidth that could be used for what you really want to do!  If you enjoyed this episode and it inspired you in some way, we’d love to hear about it and know your biggest takeaway. Take a screenshot of yourself listening to the episode on your device, post it to your Instagram Stories, and tag me and Mayuko, (@transformationswithjayne) and @mayukookai.rd  or (send us a message here.) In this episode you’ll hear: How Mayuko came to be living in rural Nagano during the pandemic from sunny California What kinds of issues around eating people have and how she helps them with her intuitive eating coaching Some of the things she enjoys about living in Nagano and Jayne tells her what the spiders are about to get up to Mayuko’s message for you if when you are feeling shame around eating or food About Mayuko: Mayuko Okai is a Registered Dietitian, yoga teacher, author and founder of Food Liberation: a coaching program that helps mindful individuals heal their relationship with food and body. While working eight years across hospitals in Los Angeles, Mayuko pursued yoga teacher training, which opened the doors to a world of healing she had yet to explore. This inspired her to leave her career to shift her nutrition practice, incorporating mindfulness techniques with a focus on emotional care.  Today, Mayuko takes delight in leading retreats and guiding clients internationally to find food freedom so they can live their full lives. One of her longterm yoga clients include Marie Kondo.  In 2020, Mayuko left California to follow her longtime dream of living in her home country, Japan. Mayuko can be found practicing yoga, eating to her heart’s desire, and soaking in nature in Nagano, where she now resides. Links of things mentioned in this episode: The Journal for Emotional Eating: A Guided Journey to Improve Your Relationship with Food: (  Connect with Mayuko: Websites: (        ( IG: ( Connect with Jayne: PodLaunch with Jayne: (