Life in Japan in Kochi: Running an outdoor adventure business with Zoe Kanzawa

Transformations with Jayne

25-07-2021 • 50分

I am constantly amazed by the resourcefulness and ability to adapt to new situations by the members of our Transformations with Jayne community! Zoe Kanzawa is making the most of an amazing area in Kochi prefecture, where she and her husband run Niyodo Adventure, a pack rafting and canyoning business that explores the Niyodo river. You have to google Niyodo River now. It’s the most beautiful river I’ve ever seen in Japan.  If you enjoyed this episode and it inspired you in some way, we’d love to hear about it and know your biggest takeaway. Take a screenshot of yourself listening to the episode on your device, post it to your Instagram Stories, and tag me and Zoe, (@transformationswithjayne) and (@niyodoadventure ) or (send us a message here.) In this episode you’ll hear: How Zoe came to be living in Kochi and running her river guiding business Zoe’s recommendations for how to enjoy a trip to Kochi Prefecture The fun connection Zoe and Jayne have to New Zealand  What a “mukade” is and why they are so scary Finding a balance between “fitting in” and “staying true to yourself” in Japan About Zoe: Zoe is a French Canadian Entrepreneur, Health coach and Yoga teacher living in Japan. Even though her education background was in 3D Animation, she soon realized after finishing her degree that it was not what lit her up and started travelling at 20 years old. She has been on a journey of healing and unpacking of beliefs about herself and her environment since. To her surprise, the deep work did not come from going to India, meditating or doing Yoga. She has also been on a Health journey for the last few years and has been helping people with similar issues she has been facing: digestion discomfort, chronic pain, fatigue, migraines and stress management through food, daily habits and last but not least - reconnecting with her intuition and true self. Her favorite hobbies include hiking, kayaking, taking a course in something new, driving with a good podcast or audiobook on and spending some time with her 2 cats and husband. Links of things mentioned in this episode: Niyodo River: ( Craft Beer Brewery: (  Connect with Zoe: Website: ( Facebook: ( IG: (  Health coaching and Yoga email: Niyodo Adventure email: Connect with Jayne: PodLaunch with Jayne: (