119: Parenting in Japan and the Education System Part 1

Transformations with Jayne

13-02-2022 • 48分

This week we have a special two part series about being a parent in Japan and navigating the transitions for families when children enter school in Japan or move to a new level of schooling. In this episode you will hear: Considerations for choosing daycare or a kindergarten for your child The secret side entrances to kindergartens! How kindergarten can affect the start that kids have when they reach elementary school The private school decision and what it's like attending a "prep school" for private elementary school The difference between Tokyo ward and Tokyo city schools Connect with the guests: https://www.instagram.com/kristineayuzawa/ (Kristine Ayuzawa) https://www.instagram.com/franinjapan/ (Fran Ishido) https://www.instagram.com/jacadamianut/ (Jacqui Miyabayashi) https://www.instagram.com/jordana_illustration/ (Jordana Matsuda)