Tony Bruno Sports Network


“I want to thank all of my fans who have followed and supported me through the years. I am grateful to everyone who has encouraged me to return and who still want to hear my daily fun approach to sports and current affairs, which has been my forté for over five decades in broadcasting; this time, I'm bringing friends!  I hear over and over again that fans are tired of X's & O's sports radio. I plan to bring back exciting, sports talk radio again, with a Florida flair. What better place to launch a new nationwide sports network than in Florida, a true melting pot of fans from all over the nation.” - Tony Bruno Tony brings together a great team of hosts for a fantastic mix of SPORTS, ENTERTAINMENT, NEWS, Celebrity & Pop-Culture for your listening pleasure. TBSN SHOWS: The Pete Sheppard Show Defo & Lubie Tony Bruno Show Martinez & Company read less