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Host Chris Ruano is an active professional Fire Captain with over 25 years of experience dealing with the challenges of high-demand stressful environments.

We believe all men are meant to master their performance and attitude as they emerge as leaders of their teams and families.

It is our honor and passion to equip workers and leaders with effective strategies to unlock powerful performance and positive attitudes.

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Muscle-Building Secrets Revealed: Protein Myths, Protein Farts, and the Food That BOOSTS Gains
Muscle-Building Secrets Revealed: Protein Myths, Protein Farts, and the Food That BOOSTS Gains
In this episode, our seasoned fire captain and host, Chris Ruano, takes you on a journey deep into the world of muscle-building secrets. Prepare to debunk protein myths, explore the science behind protein, and even navigate the awkward but real phenomenon of 'protein farts.' Yes, they're a thing, and you're not alone!Discover the critical role of protein in muscle growth and why not all protein sources are created equal. We delve into the pros and cons of animal-based and plant-based proteins, revealing which options are your best allies on your fitness journey.Did you know that your breakfast choices can impact your muscle growth and blood sugar levels? Chris shares insightful breakfast habits that can make a real difference in your fitness results.Raw milk is gaining attention as a powerhouse protein source. Find out why, how it can be a game-changer, and what you need to know about this 'new' choice.Learn the secrets of protein timing for optimal muscle growth, from pre-workout fueling to post-workout recovery. Discover how to maximize your workouts and support muscle protein synthesis.In this episode, we also debunk common protein myths, discuss the side effects of excessive protein consumption, and highlight the consequences of insufficient protein in your diet.Stay tuned for the fascinating science behind creatine in food and why it's a natural muscle booster. Uncover the dietary sources of creatine and how they can benefit your fitness goals.Join us in this information-packed episode and equip yourself with the knowledge needed to fuel your fitness journey. Subscribe now for more valuable insights, and remember to stay strong, stay healthy, and stay tuned for future episodes of the Prep and Defend Show.#musclebuilding #protein #fitnesstips  #musclegrowth #dailyhabits #creatine #fitnessgoals #podcast