Episode #37 Fill Your Seats Night After Night For $300

Restaurant Rockstars Podcast

29-07-2016 • 18分

Here’s an easy & inexpensive way to create an amazing video that brings your restaurant to life for the customer even when they’re not in your restaurant. How powerful is that? You can demonstrate your food, service & ambiance… everything that makes your place special and get those customers in your door and coming back again and again. Its completely turn-key and I’ll show you how for $300 bucks. Post it to social media, put it up on your website, send it out to your list in an email blast…. now you’re cooking… Every restaurant should have one! KEY TAKE-AWAYS - Know your target customer for the best results - 2000 video pros around the world will come to your restaurant to create the magic - Increase Searches for your restaurant on google - Fixed price “special offer” - email support@valoso.com and mention the Restaurant Rock Stars Podcast and get a complete turn-key video for around $300 - Want more info, go to www.valoso.com Get that video, start filling your seats and I’ll see you next time. Roger