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Gendered Violence and Society
Gendered Violence and Society
This week we were joined by Sarah Doyle and Rachael O’Byrne to discuss gendered violence in the wake of Sarah Everard’s murder and the recent actions of the Met Police.   There is a content warning with this episode as we discuss rape and sexual harassment. We felt it was important to record this episode and add to the discussions currently going on around the U.K about how we make our communities and spaces safe places for women to be in.    Links:   National Domestic Abuse Helpline     Reclaim the Night (Liverpool)     Sister’s Uncut     Rachael Baylis Brighton Uni SU President Campaign:     Whether or Not a Cop Killed Sarah Everard, the Police Are Complicit in What Happened to Her - Rivkah Brown     ‘The Police Crackdown Bill Is Dystopian’ - Zarah Sultana     Outro: "Un violador en tu camino" by feminist collective Lastesis during the protests in Santiago de Chile   Picture by Paul McGowan