The War On Morons Episode 84 - Big Brother is Watching Cuties

The War on Morons

08-06-2021 • 1時間 30分

We’re throwing it back to ‘84 for Episode 84 with a brand-new look and feel for WOM!

In the Stack of Stupidity this week:

* The Ministry of Truth has nothing on Big Tech fact checkers

* CNN and Facebook are still covering for Fauci

* People are calling 911 on cicadas

* Feeding hot cheetos to spider monkeys

* Mexican politicians self-identify as women to skirt stupid affirmative action law

* The WNBA still sucks - but you’re a sexist pig if you aren’t watching it

* Attractive people are inherently evil according to Twitter

Plus, watch for appearances from InfoWarrior Ernie in Ypsilanti, Lara the Alien Lover, skeezy plastic surgeon Dr. Felsmere and fitness model/author of ‘From DQ to GQ’, Anderson McKenzie!

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