The War On Morons Episode 96 - Generation F‘d

The War on Morons

31-08-2021 • 1時間 28分

In the Stack of Stupidity this week:

* The Washington clown show continues as Joe and Kamala laugh about Afghanistan

* Pro-masker dad strips down to his shorts at a school board meeting

* CoVax coercion hits a new low - get a shot, get some ramen noodles!

* School kids made to “walk like a zombie” and wear ankle monitors to fight the virus

* The Taliban takes on “climate change” - no wonder AOC wants to bring them all here

* The pronouns people are putting out lunacy on TikTok again

* Florida Man commits armed robbery for a Snickers bar

* India Man finds out why you shouldn’t use superglue as a condom

Plus, watch for appearances from Las Vegas loudmouth Vinny V of the Vegas Victories podcast, hapless ghostbusters Ken and Esmerelda from the Spectre Inspector Squad, and gun-totin’ LueEllen in Plano, who took a school board meeting down a whole new rabbit hole over the weekend.

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