The War On Morons Episode 97 - Heartbeats and Horse Pucky

The War on Morons

07-09-2021 • 1時間 28分

In the Stack of Stupidity this week:

* Jen Psaki is a transphobic bigot who thinks men like Lil Nas X can’t get pregnant

* Joe Biden’s a Cafeteria Catholic - he takes the rosary beads and pedophilia and leaves everything else

* Twitter says Beyonce is a white supremacist

* Rolling Stone gets caught horsin’ around with the truth

* San Francisco, London, Chicago, South Australia and Philly compete to be named the inaugural WOM Worst Run Place in the World

* Florida Woman will cut you for cutting the cheese

* A prankster goes full Bart Simpson at a school board meeting

* They’re putting kryptonite in the water and turning Superman GAY!

Plus, watch for appearances from shoplifting scam artist and social media side hustle guru Frankie Five Fingers, deranged kids show hosts Dr. Ding Dong and Barry Helpful and concerned Texas-bound California refugee Pam in Santa Cruz, who’s worried the Heartbeat Law will stand in the way of her quarterly abortion cleanses.... It’s gonna be a sick one, people!

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