The War On Morons Episode 94 - Hasta La Vista, Commie

The War on Morons

17-08-2021 • 1時間 25分

In the Stack of Stupidity this week:

* Arnold says “screw your freedom”... but not his own

* Can’t read or write? Can’t do math? Here, have an Oregon high school diploma!

* Hunter’s smoking crack with hookers on video and losing laptops again

* Maybe you don’t need military-grade weapons and aircraft to take on the US Army after all - but Joe left a bunch for the Taliban just in case

* NPR is calling medieval Viking warriors “non-binary” now

* Man bites snake… snake bites man… shark bites man’s beer… man bites ear… man bites nipple

* Fashion icon Greta Thunberg is on the cover of Vogue Magazine

Plus, watch for appearances from Asexual Genderqueer Anticapitalist 3rd Grade Teacher of the Year Pam in Santa Cruz, rip-roarin’ truckers Ratchet Jaw and Chrome Stack and delusional method actor Zeke Whitlock - who finally scored a lead role… in “Amish Vampires from Planet Mars”

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