The War On Morons Episode 92 - Susan Wojcicki Beat Us to Death with a Fire Extinguisher

The War on Morons

03-08-2021 • 1時間 29分

We’re one strike away from a YouTube ban, so we’re sticking to approved narratives in the headline….

In the Stack of Stupidity this week:

* Covid hysteria is back with a vengeance

* Nancy Pelosi steals our gimmick, starts calling people morons

* The PC police officially put humor in their crosshairs

* They’re vax-shaming zoo animals now

* Florida Man tries to walk to New York in a giant floating hamster wheel

* Spain Man goes on a drunken harpoon rampage at a restaurant

* The Olympics are trash and so are the athletes - bring on the robots!

Plus, watch for appearances from cat lady Mindy in Norfolk, demented illusionist Bryan Bedford (of “Brainboozled!”) and washed-up lunatic pro wrestler Longhorn Flannigan.

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