The War On Morons Episode 100 - Revenge of the Morons!

The War on Morons

28-09-2021 • 1時間 49分

The 100th episode celebration is cut short when our lawyer checks in. Looks like all our chickens are coming home to roost!... We’ll try to cover the week of stupidity anyway:

* “Vaxxed up the wazoo” hosts from The View test positive and scare away Kamala

* CNN really doesn’t want you to do your own research

* Somebody’s poopin’ in the Pizza Rolls again

* Conor McGregor throws like a Weeble

* Meet the Taliban’s toy boat navy

* Lucky guy drives off in a “Free Car”.... turns out there’s a body in the trunk

* San Francisco, New York, Chicago and Boston compete with Afghanistan to be this week’s Worst Run Place in the World

Plus, watch for appearances from Jimmy James, Longhorn Flannigan, Penelope Cruxton, Dr. Ding Dong & Barry Helpful, Professor Archibald, LueEllen in Plano, Dr. Larry, Mac Cashman, the Gang of Good Guys, the Spectre Inspector Squad, Dr. Felsmere and more!

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