The War On Morons Episode 95 - Everything Woke Turns to... Content!

The War on Morons

24-08-2021 • 1時間 29分

In the Stack of Stupidity this week:

* The Taliban has fun, fun, fun now that Biden took the army away

* Trump rocks his Ala-bam-a rally and creates a new meme

* Parents hire a guy in a bigfoot costume to terrorize a 6-year-old’s birthday party

* CBS blames the rise of the Taliban on “climate change”

* University blames obesity on “white supremacy”

* LGBTQ:-)? People are identifying as emojis now

* Healthcare worker spends $12 million of embezzled money on cam girls

Plus, watch for appearances from a nerd raised by robots, Ursula the Witch, and the return of our resident late-night conspiracy host from Midnight Oasis Radio with the Desert Fox…. This is gonna be a weird one, folks.

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