The War On Morons Episode 88 - Sixteen Cents, and What Do You Get?

The War on Morons

06-07-2021 • 1時間 22分

Aren’t you glad you saved your pennies?

In the Stack of Stupidity this week:

* The White House saves Independence Day with a four-cent reduction in sliced cheese prices

* California bans travel to half the country

* Gullible hipsters are paying big for “ethically-sourced cocaine”

* University bans the phrase “trigger warning”... because it’s triggering.

* Some British guy gets 18 plastic surgeries so he can identify as Korean

* The NFL says football is gay

* What do you do when McDonald’s runs out of your favorite dipping sauce? Call in a bomb threat of course!

Plus, watch for appearances from Pam in Santa Cruz, Rooster in Asheville, “Don’t Bother Me” Benny in Naples and slick-talkin’ pitchman Marc “The Shark” Santini.

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