9. Daddy Issues With Author, Lanna Andersen

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01-11-2021 • 23分

Have you ever wondered if your relationship with your Dad affects your relationship with God the Father?

This week, we are sharing a conversation with Author and Pastor's wife, Lanna Andersen. Lanna graciously shares how her life experiences led her to write to other women who might be dealing with relational barriers that are keeping them from a deeper relationship with God.

Not only does Lanna talk about what God’s true design is for fathers, but she dives into different “dad distortions'' to help break down some of the issues that we might be subconsciously facing. This is such a heavy topic, yet Lanna beautifully and delicately breaks it down.

We hope this episode resonates with those of you who need this message. And our prayer is that you walk away today feeling a little lighter, less burdened, and one step closer to walking in the freedom that God has planned.

Episode Highlights:

  • Lanna’s background and story
  • The heart behind her book.
  • Startling statistics about children who grow up without fathers.
  • God’s design for fathers.
  • The three different “dad distortions.”
  • A message of encouragement for those who need it.

Find more on Lanna:
Instagram:  @lanna.andersen.author
Book: Amazon-
Daddy's Girl: Living as God's Beloved Daughter: Andersen, Lanna: 9781098091248: Amazon.com: Books

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