Living in harmony: A conversation with Dr. Kristian Strang

The Natural Wisdom Podcast

10-07-2023 • 1時間 2分

On the second anniversary of The Natural Wisdom Podcast, Dr. Kristian Strang and I talked about the many paths to uncovering our innate natural wisdom. One subject we came back to several times is the danger of getting stuck in 'finding our tribe' by seeing differences instead of common values. We also talked quite a bit about the power of fiction and stories to convey wisdom.

Kristian is a mystic, metaphysical psychologist and an Amazon bestselling author. She’s written 12 books in the genres of visionary fiction, paranormal romance, and channeled message Oracles.

Kristian has been featured in a variety of publications and as a featured speaker on a number of podcasts and summits, including her own podcast, Awakening: The Podcast. When she’s not doing all of that, you’ll find her dance-walking on the Oregon Coast or baking it up in the kitchen for her high-vibe nutrition blog, Metaphysical Menu. You can also receive free meditations and transmissions from Dr. Kristian at:

Kristian's latest book, The Angelics: Wildest Dreams is now available for pre-order. Go on "a wild ride of destined lovers, magic, divine counterparts, Angels and so much more (inspired by IRL events)".

Find out more about Kristine and her work at

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