Which Games Gracefully Stood the Test of Time?

Level 857 Video Game Podcast

08-01-2024 • 2時間 33分

Regardless of how technology evolves at a breakneck speed to produce games with bolder visions, bigger worlds, and ultimately bigger budgets, some games of yesteryear released in spite of these trends have proved to have aged gracefully, and continue to stand the test of time, remaining as enjoyable today as they were upon release! Join us as we discuss and celebrate these timeless gems!

Level 857 Video Game Podcast Ep-294: Which Games Gracefully Stood the Test of Time?

00:00 - Intro

02:20 - Game Played Discussion

35:50 - Indie Game of the Week Spotlight - Moving Out 2

42:55 - World’s First Flash Cart for Nintendo Switch Unveiled

47:28 - Switch 2' Will Be An Iterative Evolution And Will Cost $400, Predicts Analyst

57:23 - Prince Of Persia: The Lost Crown Estimated To Be A "25 Hour" Game

1:03:06 - Break: Game Giveaway Reminder

1:05:00 - Which Games Gracefully Stood the Test of Time?

2:28:20 - Game Giveaway Winner Announcement

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