EP100: 6Ts with Cerebral Palsy and 100 Episodes

THE Cerebral Podcast

30-03-2022 • 20分

I used a wordplay about the devil in the details. Then, I used a quote by Josh Blue about him choosing to laugh or cry. Next, I talked about using a crutch not as a crutch, but as a tool to navigate the world. A lesser-known definition of a crutch is to sustain. In my case, I became armed. But I also talked about the irony of the crooked creativity of the 1966 Batman TV show.

After discovering the word ignominious during many caped crusader criminal crises, I also learned about the disability disgrace or shame. Shows from the 1970s had mission statements. And I took those mission statements seriously. From Bionic Man to the Incredible Hulk. From Facts of Life to the A-Team and Knight Rider. I sometimes felt like a young loner who should not exist. I ended the episode by talking about the importance of engines and engineers to help people with disabilities believe in their dignity of risk, rites of passage, DRILLS,  and the empowerment of believing in lived experiences.

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Josh Blue -  At a very young age, I realized that with my disability, I could cry or laugh.


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