KATIE TAYLOR - No Words Needed

Enswell Boxing Podcast

16-05-2022 • 37分

Barely minutes after her titanic battle with Amanda Serrano. Still bleeding, still taking huge gulps of air with adrenaline still coursing through her body - Katie Taylor seemed to be the only one able to find words to sum up what we had just witnessed.

Boxing fans have a tendency to over hype, off allowing hopes & expectations to become unrealistic big fights.Not this time! Not this fight!This one reset the bar!

At a time when the reputation of boxing & Irish boxing truly needed somebody to remind the world that its not all bad, Along comes Katie Taylor….AGAIN!

In this episode Al looks back over an unforgettable night & tries to find his own words & is joined by Joining ‘the Mammy of Irish boxing’ Anna Moore. Almost every young Irish boxer who has worn the green vest will know Anna, who was team manager for many of Katie’s biggest and best days in the Irish vest (including 3 world championships). And listen to one of the most informative, straight talking & real boxing pods out there: https://tinyurl.com/ye24jk3x for some interesting Team Serrano facts that got ‘lost’ in the hype.

AND listen to Wymac, daughter of Al’s great pal & mentor Wayne McCullough as she performed at the NFL Draft recently: https://tinyurl.com/43bbnrd7

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