Jamie Conlan - From Fighter to Manager & Managing Life

Enswell Boxing Podcast

29-09-2020 • 1時間 6分

Many talk about transitions in boxing in terms of switching from amateur to the professional ranks, the same ones who talk about that transition tend to have very little (or no) idea exactly how great a transition that really is. Jamie Conlan made that transition, very successfully & fought at the very highest level against some of the very best. But in this episode we hear about another transition - one which this fella has made to look easy. The particular transition we speak of here is Jamie’s retirement from boxing, to managing/representing his brother Micheal, to managing a stable of fighters to becoming Vice President of the biggest management company in boxing. When you then consider that his last fight was only a little over 2 years ago you then begin to realize just how fast this fella is moving. Jamie speaks at length with Al in a wonderfully insightful conversation which delves into family life (cooking skills), balancing the job as big brother & manager, negotiating, planning & getting a tournament like the hugely popular Golden Contract up and running and much more.

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