Proven Advertising Strategies by 8 figure Amazon Sellers

The Amazon Strategist Show

27-09-2023 • 53分

Discover game-changing strategies in Amazon selling with our esteemed guest, Klaidas Siuipys, the founder and CEO of AMZ Bees. With over eight years of experience in e-commerce, Klaidas has a treasure trove of insights to share. From managing his parents' business in high school to transforming a client's annual revenue from half a million dollars to $30 million with just one product, Klaidas surely knows how to effectively navigate the complex world of the Amazon marketplace.

Sit back and glean strategies for boosting Amazon success while sidestepping common e-commerce distractions. Listen as Klaidas emphasizes the importance of sticking to basics, such as quality products, customer feedback, and market fit.  Furthermore, he tackles holiday event such as Prime Day advertising strategies to optimize profitability during the fourth quarter.

As we end the episode, Klaidas provides valuable insights on running effective lightning deals and spotting advertising trends to stay competitive. He also divulges his views on external traffic and Amazon's AI-powered advertising. Get ready to have your mind blown by this episode crammed with practical strategies and tips for every stage of your Amazon journey. Join us and be inspired by Klaidas' captivating journey and insightful advice.

15:59 Holiday Event Advertising Strategy and Profitability
24:00 Lightning Deals and Prime Day Strategies
44:22 External Traffic and Amazon Advertising Takes

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