Dissecting the Anatomy of a Good Employee

Living Your Success (24/7)

29-09-2023 • 20分

Say, what really defines a good employee? Is it simply the ability to excel in their job or is there more to it? On this episode of Living Your Success 24-7, join me, as we dissect the anatomy of a good employee - an intriguing exploration that promises to challenge your current perspectives. From punctuality and work ethic to emotional intelligence and gratitude for opportunities, we unveil the multifaceted attributes that make an employee shine. We try to understand why good employees sometimes stand alone and might even be ostracized for doing the right thing, and what this tells us about the state of our society.

Beyond recognizing good employees, we stride into the tricky terrain of hiring. Are we overlooking potential employees due to lack of experience or formal education? How can we rectify this to foster a stronger workforce? Not stopping at just hiring, we also delve into how organizations can nurture and retain good employees. From incentives and salary increases to cultivating a respectful work environment, we debate on the essentials. But what happens if a good workplace turns bad? Do the good employees stay or leave? Don't miss out as we unravel these mysteries and delve deeper into the dynamics of the modern workplace. And remember, the conversation doesn't stop here! Stay tuned for our upcoming episodes on the good, the bad, and the boss in the workplace.

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