Ep. 157 All About Bed Bugs with Entomologist Dr. Kacie Athey | #GoodGrowing

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01-12-2023 • 45分

In this episode, Ken and Chris explore a timely and concerning topic—the resurgence of bed bugs making headlines globally! Join us as we delve into the pressing issue of bed bugs seemingly spiraling out of control. Are these tiny pests staging a global takeover once again? Our special guest, entomologist Dr. Kacie Athey, joins the conversation to address our lingering questions about bed bugs. From tips on avoiding these unwelcome companions during your travels to guidance on handling a bed bug discovery in your home, we cover it all. Tune in to the latest episode of the Good Growing Podcast for an informative discussion on bed bugs!

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0:41 Hey Ken! Are we ready for winter?
3:36 Welcome back Kacie! What is Dr. Athey’s experience with bed bugs?
6:25 What is going on in the world with bed bugs all over the news?
10:00 Why are we concerned about bed bugs? Do bed bugs spread disease? What are their bites like?
14:19 What about the stigma and anxiety associated with bed bugs? How do we tell the difference between actual bed bugs and the anxiety that causes phantom itching? In some cases, a serious mental health issue is known as delusionary parasitosis.
18:12 Why are bed bugs so difficult to control now? And why are we seeing cases of bed bugs today?
21:11 Where do we look for bed bugs whether in our home or a hotel?
25:36 What do we do with our luggage at a hotel?
28:07 What is the recommended treatment to get rid of bed bugs?
Heat vs. insecticides
Diatomaceous earth
Clean the clutter!
31:07 What about clothing and bedding items? Will cold temperatures work just as well as heat?
33:30 Have bed bugs always been part of human society? What’s the history?
34:50 Bed bugs have been with us a long time. We list some fun bed bug names.
37:00 What do we expect to see for bed bug populations in the future?
38:21 What are bat bugs?
40:28 What can we do to avoid bringing bed bugs home when we travel?
42:20 Dr. Athey’s PSA – Be skeptical when a person posts a blurry picture on social media and claims it is a bed bug!
43:40 All done this week! Thank you’s and next week.

Using Heat to Kill Bed Bugs https://www.vdacs.virginia.gov/pdf/bb-heat1.pdf
The History of Bed Bug Management: With lesson from the past https://agresearch.montana.edu/wtarc/producerinfo/entomology-insect-ecology/BedBugs/BedbugsMangement.pdf

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