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17-11-2023 • 27分

This week the Good Growing podcast rewinds to when we chatted with local foods educator James Thueri all about turkeys. James talks about how the commercial producers get the turkey from egg to plate. Plus, James gives tips if for those interested in raising their own heritage breeds in their own backyard.

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1:30 James warns against doing a rabbit program near Easter
2:59 Are most turkey growers making all their money just from Thanksgiving?
4:45 How long does it take to grow a turkey?
6:36 How far apart is the value of heritage turkeys versus commercial breeds?
8:56 What is the main commercially bred meat-producing turkey sold in grocery stores?
11:05 Are the larger meat birds too large to naturally breed? Do they need artificial insemination?
11:37 Chickens have a problem with predators. Can turkeys defend themselves?
14:46 If a person would like to grow their own Thanksgiving turkey, is this something we can do on our own? What space does a turkey need?
16:36 How do you care for turkey poults (babies) when they arrive?
19:00 What breeds of turkey would a homeowner want to raise?
Bourbon red
21:00 Bronze
21:50 Royal Palm
23:15 Slate
24:48 Is it better to order poults or hatch your own poults?
27:02 Thank you and Happy Thanksgiving!

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