Ep. 154 Spooky plant diseases: Diseases that have changed the course of history | #GoodGrowing

Good Growing

27-10-2023 • 45分

We’re all dressed up for this week’s Good Growing podcast because it’s our Halloween Spooktacular! This year, we are joined by Dr. Chelsea Harbach to talk about some spooky plant diseases that have had some significant historical impacts. Learn about ergot, late blight, and coffee rust and how they’ve changed the course of history.

Watch us, and see our costumes on YouTube: https://youtu.be/oEzbf1LuLLg

Skip to what you want to know:

00:15 – Welcome, Ken and Chelsea, and what are we dressed up as this year?

04:40 – Ergot and the Salem Witch Trials

11:10 – Ergot in current times

15:35 – The Irish Potato Famine

23:20 – The start of plant pathology

24:40 – Diagnosing diseases in current times

28:00 – How did late blight get to Ireland?

30:00 – Are modern-day crops at risk?

32:33 – Coffee leaf rust

39:34 – Why do the British drink tea instead of coffee?

41:00 - Wrap-up, thank yous, what’s up next week, and goodbye!

I See Dead Plants Podcast: Coffee rust - https://cropprotectionnetwork.org/podcast/episode/s1-e6-coffee-rust-the-parasite-that-wants-to-ruin-your-morning

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