Ep. 156 Fall garden Q&A and garden updates | #GoodGrowing

Good Growing

10-11-2023 • 35分

On this week’s Good Growing Podcast, we’re answering some of your fall gardening questions. Learn about overwintering mum and dahlias, white pines dropping needles, keeping feral cats out of gardens, and more! We also give an update on what’s going on with the leaves in our yards and how our gardens fared this year.

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00:30 – Welcome, Ken, and what’s up with the weather?

01:15 – Leaf report from our yards and what we are doing with them

06:50 – How did our gardens fare this year?

15:05 – I didn’t get my mums planted; can I overwinter them?

16:43 – Should I worry about white pines dropping needles? Will spraying an anti-desiccant help?

20:55 – How can I overwinter dahlias?

23:42 – Toads coming in with potted plants

25:06 – What can I do to keep feral cats out of my garden?

29:52 – What are the black and orange bugs all over the place?

34:32 - Wrap-up, thank yous, what’s up next week, and goodbye!

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What new flowers are we growing in 2023 - https://youtu.be/q_HGNwhTvqE

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