Ep. 153 Talking Spotted Lanternfly with Dr. Kacie Athey | #GoodGrowing

Good Growing

20-10-2023 • 34分

This week on the Good Growing Podcast Chris and Ken talk with Dr. Kacie Athey about the newest invasive insect found in Illinois, the spotted lanternfly. Even though it’s only currently in Cook County, this particular bug is likely to spread across the state and Midwest. Will spotted lanternfly devour everything in its path? Or will we barely notice its arrival? Find out this and more on this week’s podcast.

Find out what you want to know:
0:49 – Hey Ken. And Chris has trouble remembering what we’re talking about this week
3:29 – Welcome Dr Athey!
4:24 – Will they eat everything? Who needs to be concerned about spotted lanternfly?
7:48 – Where can you find spotted lanternfly as of this recording? (10/17/2023)
8:46 – Where does spotted lanternfly come from?
9:21 – How are they being spread?
11:10 – What does a spotted lanternfly look like?
14:07 – What is their lifecycle? What should we expect to see through the year?
16:04 – Spotted lanternfly’s celebrity status
18:36 – How do I keep them out of my yard?
20:16 – What to do if you see a lanternfly?
20:48 – What are ways we can manage spotted lanternfly?
22:45 – Description of their egg cases
23:55 – Where would you scout for adults?
25:16 - Does spotted lanternfly smell bad when smashed like a brown marmorated stinkbug?
27:57 – Does the bright color of the insect mean it’s dangerous?
28:53 – How will the swarming behavior affect things?
29:28 – Dr. Athey’s heads up about periodical cicadas coming in 2024.

Report spotted lanternfly sightings at lanternfly@illinois.edu

Talking Spiders with Dr. Athey https://goodgrowing.transistor.fm/episodes/ep-41-spiders-with-dr-kacie-athey

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