Ep. 155 Stewarding our community tree canopies | #GoodGrowing

Good Growing

03-11-2023 • 35分

This week on the Good Growing podcast Chris and Ken chat with horticulture educator Sarah Vogel and horticulture program coordinator Jenny Lee promoting an upcoming series for tree care professionals called the Community Tree Care Series. During the online webinar participants will go from basics to more complex topics in tree care. It is a great opportunity for Illinois arborists needing CEUs or training staff who maintain trees.

Register for the online Community Tree Care Series at https://go.illinois.edu/treecareseries

Skip to what you want to know:
0:28 - Hey Ken! Are we ready for the first big freeze?
3:46 - Welcome Sarah and Jenny!
4:22 - What is the Community Tree Care Series and how did it get started?
7:09 - Is this course all online or is it in-person?
9:50 - The difference between forestry and community forestry (urban forestry)
11:23 - Who should sign up for the Community Tree Care Series?
13:09 - What can I expect to learn from the three webinars?
Session 1
15:11 - Session 2
17:07 - Session 3
19:42 - Plus there are in-person sessions to help identify needs for that local community tree population! Where will they be and what to expect from these?
22:25 - How do we sign up? go.illinois.edu/TreeCareSeries
23:24 - Is there a fee?
24:18 - What are the most common mistakes when it comes to tree care that this series will help to eliminate?
The four horsemen of tree failure (treepocolypse?)
26:54 - The problem with mulch and trees
28:36 - Why is it important to train tree professionals about tree care beyond cutting and removal of trees?
33:55 - Thank you's and coming up next week

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